Friday, November 14, 2014

Whew! Up and running and just in time!

Happiness for me is an indoor space that is warm and dry just in time for the cold weather.  We had a successful first two weeks in the new space, despite some pretty noisy road construction outside and while it feels pretty tight compared to the wide open fields we have been working in I am thankful that it is warm and dry!

The classes this week worked on a lot of attention exercises, including a new game called 'Run Away' that I learned from my Wag It Games instructor's course. Run away is a natural way to get your dog/puppy to pay more attention to you without constantly cueing them.  

Run Away Instructions:

This game is best played off leash in a safe, relatively quiet area, particularly if your dog/puppy is very distract-able.

Step 1  - Drop a couple of pieces of treat on the ground
Step 2 - Run away, but watch your dog
Step 3 - As soon as your dog acknowledges your existence* party and drop a few more treats AT YOUR FEET.  *This may be different for every dog. Some dogs may glance at you, some may turn their whole body toward you, some may amble toward you the important part is to click and reward the FIRST acknowledgement or attention your dog gives you.
Step 4 - Repeat!

With practice this game should be fast paced enough to get your heart racing as you work to stay ahead of your dog's attention to you.  :-)

Have FUN!

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