Client Testimonials

With our 3 dogs, we have worked with 6 dog trainers. Judy is the best. She has on-line materials and home work assignments to insure we are prepared for our class. The physical layout, with movable partitions, lets each dog and owner work without the distraction of other dogs when necessary. Judy answers our questions and shares her deep experience of dog behavior, but most to the time we are working with our dogs - great balance of talk and action. She is supportive and extremely helpful in coaching us to understand our dogs' needs. We recommend her highly - and so does our dog, who adores her.

Joanne and Tucker
Concord MA  
February 2018

Thank you Judy for all of your training!

First day on the job as a Therapy Dog at The Gables in Winchester MA!

Richard and Johnathan Larrabee
February 2018

Hi Judy,

Bodhi is now a certified Therapy Dog!

Dog B.O.N.E.S. They are great. They have frequent workshops in multiple locations. It takes three sessions. Bodhi and I did ours in Dedham. One thing I really appreciated is that they pretty much decided if your dog is ready at the first session. I am very happy with their program. They focus a lot on looking out for the welfare of the dog: detecting stress and knowing safe limits. 

I am starting at the Harvard Medical School Library. Today was the first day! I have applied to Children’s Hospital, but they have a big wait-list for applicants. 

Jay      Concord
January 2018

Hi Judy,
I had to share this picture with you of my growlies graduate.  Ollie has gone twice on off leash (or dragging a long leash) hikes with Sudbury K9 where he'll be boarded in May and I got this back from the owner today.  So impressed with how far he's come. Thanks for all your help!  We'll see you Sunday!
Shaina  April 2017                                                                                                                    Concord, MA

The entire experience was overwhelmingly positive!  I had major reservations about being able to adequately train my dog because he is deaf.  He not only trained easily with sign only commands but displayed an easy going, fun personality for both people and dogs.  Time well spent for both of us.

Krista and Blu                                                                                                    Bedford, MA
February 2017

Your teaching of the use of the "come" command has been extremely helpful.  I only use it when I need them to come, am pretty sure they will, and I have very valuable treats.  We practice it too.  People are amazed when my two dogs tear off to get to me when I yell come.  They'll fly way acress a field even with other dogs around!  I love it.

Kathy and Charley                                                                                     Lincoln, MA
February, 2017

Tucker, my Brittany pup, and I learned a tremendous amount from the 6 classes and from reading the manual.  Judy was always positive and often gave constructive and useful feedback, to my attempts at learning new behaviors for Tucker.  I learned better ways of communicating with my dog.  We will continue with classes.

Catherine and Tucker                                                                              Lexington, MA
September 2016

What is the greatest benefit you derived from your experience?
I have really learned the benefit of good, consistent, positive training.
What did you like the most about the training program?
Makes sense! Plus fun to do with Benjamin, seeing the progress is very gratifying.
The Touch training is helping me with nipping. Using the spoon while walking has helped tremendously with the loose leash.
What was your overall impression of the course?

Janet and Benjamin                                                                                  Concord, MA
June 2016

Judy is patient and has great suggestions. She "gets" the issues of a rescue dog and has the patience to guide you through training.  Not only did Neely show great improvement after training but I also feel like I showed improvement as a dog owner. Although we still have some work to do - I can now walk more confidently knowing that I have the knowledge and tools to be a leader to my sometimes anxious dog. We can now walk by dogs behind a fence without the pulling, lunging and barking. I can also get closer to dogs walking on the street without Neely exploding.

Jerilyn and Neely

June 2016

I knew right away that my very cute but high energy and easily excitable lab would need puppy K. He is smart and catches on quick, but he's a jumper, a nipper, and a humper. He was into everything: chewing on the dishwasher(!), cabinet knobs, kitchen table, chairs, you name it. He actually liked the bitter apple spray I was using to prevent the chewing. He was crashing through baby gates or trying to scale them. I was not ready for this as my last dog was naturally calm and obedient. I had waited awhile for my new pup but by the end of first week, I felt like I didn't even like him! Luckily, I found Proper Paws. Judy gave me the tools and the confidence to train my dog. Her advice was invaluable. She gives lots of tips during the class. There has been drastic improvement in every area though we are still working on some things. I really couldn't believe he was following commands so quickly and most importantly I think the training helped my pup and I create a bond.

Maureen and Dewey                                                                                                Bedford, MA
February 2016

As a first time dog owner the biggest benefit for me has been Judy's immense knowledge and her practical suggestions for how to tackle issues.  The private classes are fantastic for me and have really helped my confidence.  Our puppy wasn't sleeping after a stomach problem which affected him for 4 weeks.  Judy offered practical suggestions and advice which have enabled us to get him back into a routine where we are all happy and getting some sleep. We are very grateful for all Judy's help.

Helen and Trafford                                                                                                  Concord, MA
January 2016

Judy's advice on how to get our puppy to heel on leash were very helpful.  It was hard to stick with it in those early weeks when she was all over the place and pulling like crazy, but the first time I walked her around the block with no pulling was a huge win! The greatest benefit we got was realizing how much progress we made in a few short weeks, and training our dog in a positive way.  I was really glad we had you to our house BEFORE the dog came home.  It set the stage with our whole family about how we were going to behave with the dog.

Gwen and Luna                                                                                               Acton, MA
January 2016

Onyx is making amazing progress, she is off leash int he woods locally as well as in Vermont.  Her recall is wonderful, although she has not seed a deer yet :-)!  She is such a love and just wants to play with both people and other dogs.  She continues to learn to control her excitement with reminders.  Your suggestions are making a difference. The space you use is wonderful.  Large enough for dogs and owners to move and 'get away' if necessary.  Your positive approach mirrors my beliefs.

Linda and Onyx                                                                                                   Lexington, MA
December 2015

What was the greatest benefit derived from you experience? "Hearing and learning concrete steps to train my puppy. When struggling with a task having Judy demonstrate with my own dog and see that when done correctly the dogs easily follow suit and do what's asked of them by her.  This helped t show that with practice my dog can and will be well trained.  Very reassuring.  Judy really watches and addresses each owner and dog during the training hour to correct any mistakes.  I felt like she responded well to individual training needs and the pups get to play after their hard work!"

Sara and Gidget                                                                                                     Acton, MA
November 2015

I think Judy is an amazing trainer and has so much knowledge to share.  She is clearly very vested in all of her clients and loves what she does.  Learning and understanding that this takes time and patience and ongoing, consistent work is the greatest benefit from this class.  I think the material you provided is well written and easy to understand.

Beth and Posi                                                                                                         Concord, MA
October 2015

I had started with a private trainer for some at-home behavior issues.  We met only once in our home.  A month or two later, after only 2 classes at Proper Paws, I brought Doogie to the private trainer's office for a follow up on his at-home behavior issues.  While waiter to see her, I put him through a sit, stay, and walked around behind him and behind a panel, and he waited for me to return to him 30 seconds later.  The trainer saw this and said, 'Wow, this is advanced staying, especially in a new place, how much training have you had?'.  I said TWO classes!  She was very impressed.

Mindy and Doogie                                                                                                 Bedford, MA
October 2015

Auggie is so much better and happier after our training sessions for his re-activity.  I also now have the tools to help him get better and better!  We will definitely be continuing his training with Judy!

Louise and Auggie                                                                                                 Waltham, MA
October 2015

My dog learned how to be calm around others dogs. He also completed his training for the AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate and received that certificate. In addition, he learned the AKC Rally Novice obedience exercises, and he won a first place ribbon in his first try in an AKC Rally Novice trial. Given my lack of experience with dogs, much less training dogs, the congratulations go to his trainer, Judy Bernard. Judy is an experienced, expert, and gifted trainer.

Eileen and Balu                              Lincoln, MA
September 2015

I learned an amazing amount.  You were clear and fun to work with, and Phoebe and I gained tremendous confidence and skills!  Thank you.

Maggie and Phoebe
June 2015                                                                                                               Concord, MA

Greatest benefit derived from these classes?  "-greater understanding of how dog is motivated"
What did you like most?  "- could see the dog's behavior change before my eyes"
Overall impression of the course? "Excellent!"

Nancy and Maddie                                                                                                Lexington, MA
June 2015

Ariel listens to my recalls much better now.  My main mistake was not to give enough treats.  I realize now how important this is to reinforce positive behavior.  Over time, I can give less treats.  Now that Ariel knows that she gets rewarded when she comes to see me, she almost always comes immediately when I call her.  I even can keep her away from her favorite muddy ponds by calling her before she gets too close!

Anita and Ariel                                                                                                       Concord, MA
June 2015

Good Results!  It's hard to keep a smart dog occupied and he loved "going to school"!
Valarie and Pekoe                                                                                                 Concord, MA
April 2015

Neva is our families first dog.  We have waited many years and Judy has made this experience the perfect beginning.  She listens and adapts her training to your needs and is truly an expert on dogs and teaching people how to understand them.

Christina and Neva                                                                                               Lexington, MA
March 2015

We found PPDT through recommendations from dog owners and are glad that we did.  Judy helped us to be confident, positive dog owners with excellent results in our puppy!  We looked forward to our individual sessions as they were tailored to our family's/dog's unique questions/situation.

KAS and Inigo                                                                                                      Concord, MA
April 2015

Judy was wonderful and so dedicated to helping me train my puppy!  She offered great tips which helped our puppy become fond of his crate and well mannered.  I am impressed with how far he has come in such a short time.  I liked learning how to effectively train my puppy to perform specific behaviors and discourage unwanted behaviors in a positive way.

Kara and Bailey                                                                                                     Lexington, MA
March 2015

It was great to have the manual to read before and refer back to, we use it all the time.  We loved being able to have the training sessions at home and have all the family members be there.  We also liked how we could pick the schedule.  There was always time for questions and follow up with calls and email.  Thank You Judy!

Theresa, Bob and Jumper                                                                                      Stow, MA
March 2015

As a new dog owner, someone who never had a dog previously, I found the in-home classes invaluable.  The training sessions helped acclimate me and Cleo to our new routines and created a great foundation for training going forward.  Judy's availability over email was also fantastic.

Patrick and Cleo                                                                                               Lexington, MA
February 2015

Instruction on how to train and what to expect at our dog's age was incredibly useful.  I know we are off to a great start towards having a great family pet.  Our confidence grew in the way we could interact with our dog.  The training program created a happier pup.  The private training classes helped us pin point our specific needs and what we needed help with.

Staci/Emilee and Winston                                                                                Bedford, MA
January 2015

I was concerned about training my 18 month old rescue dog, but this training program with Judy made me confident - and made me and my dog Coal better understand each other.  I can't recommend it highly enough!  We'll be back for refreshers!

Kristin and Coal                                                                                              Lincoln, MA
November 2014

Judy clearly loves to share her wealth of knowledge with her clients.  It had been a long time since I last had a dog and Judy gently corrected my bad behaviors while customizing her guidance to be effective for our family.  We had a great experience.

Karen and Max                                                                                   Bedford, MA
November, 2014

We adopted our mixed breed dog at the age of 12 weeks from a shelter.  He was a very timid, fearful dog.  Judy's approach to training with an emphasis on positive feedback and rewards, along with her great advice and opportunities to socialize our puppy with other dogs of similar age greatly improved our puppy's behavior and confidence.

Melissa and Baxter                                                                                            Concord, MA
June 2014

Judy, you clearly understand and love dogs, and they respect and learn quickly from you as well!  You are by far the best trainer I've ever had and look forward to continuing to learn with you and Gracie.  Thank you!

Lisa and Gracie                                                                                          Concord, MA
June 2014

Judy, Thank you so much for everything these past weeks. I feel so much more secure that if Josie did run, she would come right back. Josie's social skills have certainly improved as demonstrated by the way she walks on leash and interacts both with strangers and other dogs. Don't know if you saw this today, while we were walking, we stopped to talk. Both dogs sat down at our feet. I watched as two women approached from a block away. Neither dog flinched as the two approached and walked past us. Both commented on what good dogs they were observing. I have never seen Josie do that. I was so impressed and knew that we had to keep the momentum up by continuing with more classes.

John and Josie                                  Maynard, MA
June 2014

Beaudy - Black Lab
Our 1 year old black lab, Beaudy, was much more accustomed to off leash time in the woods than on leash walks in town.  At 85 lbs he was quite a handful and would have been a great sled dog for his pulling abilities.  Judy's one on one training was transformative.  Beaudy is now a pleasure to walk with on leash and has enabled us to spend much more time enjoying in town walks and socializing.

Gary and Beaudy.                             Carlisle, MA
April 2014

Before we had even hired Judy she proved to be a great resource and kept us all calm during the adoption of our rescue pup.  This is our first dog, so we really had no idea what we were getting into!  We are much calmer (human & dog) and confident and feel comfortable with the addition of a dog to our family.  The course work is a little overwhelming at first, but Judy has a very logical and positive approach which is exactly what we needed.

Corrina and Olive                                                                                        Acton, MA
April 2014

Henry - Mini Goldendoodle
We feel much more confident and calm when we are working with Henry.  Judy has a positive and patient way of relating to our puppy and to us!  She is a great teacher.

Rich/Cary and Henry                                Sudbury, MA
April 2014

As an older woman, I embraced the challenge of bringing a 4 month old Belgian Sheep Dog into my life, although most friends and family raised their eyebrows!  Never having been away from his mother and siblings, he (we) had lost some valuable early socialization time.  We began with basics, i.e. climbing stirs and house training.  Kai was easily overwhelmed by new experiences, e.g. going to the vets office and being with other dogs.  His way of handling being overwhelmed was to become loud and to appear aggressive.  Judy assigned us tasks that were within Kai's ability to learn comfortably; her assignments were based on successes.  Kai gained confidence and now meets here-to-for fearful situations with equanimity.  I feel I can take Kai with me to most places where dogs are permitted.  We progressed at a pace both Kai and I could manage.  I'm eager to explore new experiences with Kai and Judy.

Margaret and Kai                                                            Concord, MA
March 2014

Stella - Teacup Yorkie
Judy took  personal and caring approach with us and our dog.  She explained things in a manner we could understand instead of a vet or other dog specialist. She's local which was great for classes and could recommend shops, vets, groomers, etc.. Not only did our dog have fun and was excited when she came, but we had some good laughs as well :-).

Britany and Stella                                                                    Acton, MA
January 2014

Sam was the runt from a litter of 11.  She was shy, cautious and easily frightened and definitely timid in a group.  Judy has worked with Samantha and myself for 6 months.  I wouldn't have changed it for the world.  Judy's hands on approach with teaching Sammie and me has been remarkable.  She taught me to teach Sam, as well as Judy teaching Sam and Sam learning from Winter (Judy's dog). It has been a positive experience all the way along.  I cannot say there weren't times where I was overwhelmed, but over all I can't think of a better start for my dog's life then with PPDT.

Pam and Samantha                                                 Concord, MA
November 2013

Toni - pug
When I started reading books on dog training I was overwhelmed by the amount of information.  PPDT really breaks it down into understandable lessons that can be tailored to your own dog's progress.  Judy also provides a lot of insight into how dogs see the world and how they process the information they get from us.

Andrea and Toni                                              Concord, MA November 2013

Judy makes living with a puppy easier.  I started working with her almost the minute I picked up my pup, LouLou.  We were doing sits, downs, stays, waits and leave it.  I could close the garage door with out worry and answer the front door with less stress.  Judy had an answer for any training question I had.  I'm looking forward to continuing training as LouLou grows.

Judy and LouLou                                            Concord, MA  October 2013

Pebbles - mix
When I started training my dog with Proper Paws, Pebbles was an 18 month old rescue dog with a sweet
temper but little socialization, no manners and virtually no training (although she was, blessedly, house-and crate trained).  After half a dozen sessions, I have bonded with my dog and she has learned to respond to my commands, barks less, and is generally much nicer to have around.

Pamela and Pebbles                                         Carlisle, MA  September 2013

Miracles do happen!  My dog actually went into the park and into the midst of other dogs!

Nancy and Cortez                          Concord, MA   January 2013

Note by Judy: Nancy came to me about her recently adopted former show dog,Cortez.  Shortly after coming to his new home he had a bad experience with another dog that left him highly reactive (lunging and barking) to any dog that came near or walked by.  We worked to desensitize and counter condition Cortez to the approach and proximity of other dogs, Nancy did her homework and Cortez responded very well.

We started working with Judy when our very spirited Portugese Water Dog, Mobi was 10 weeks.  Judy helped us nail "the basics" quickly, and also went above and beyond to help address some exuberance that was overwhelming us initially.  Mobi is now 20 weeks and we feel on a great path to having the energetic and well behaved pet we wanted.

Steve and Mobi                             Concord, MA       January 2013

I came to PPDT with a 4 1/2 year old lab for barking and trouble getting overly excited on leash (barking/lunging/pulling).  Callie is a great dog but I was frustrated with having her look like Kujo on our walks particularly since I knew it was just exuberance, not aggression.

Well, the saying 'You can't teach an old dog new tricks.' does not apply at PPDT!  I have seen such a huge shift in Callie's behavior on our walks, she is calm (mostly), but never barks or lunges at people or dogs any more.  I've learned how to be more clear with my dog so that I can get the results I am looking for from her.  I am so grateful to have all the training tools I do now.  Thanks.

Colleen and Callie                                                          Bedford, MA        November 2012

Before I met Judy, I never let my dog off her leash.  It was nearly impossible to get her the exercise she needed.  I had not been able to train Sallie to come when I called her and she would run away and I could never catch her.  Once, she chased a fox and got hit by a car.  Luckily she recovered but I was paralyzed about not letting her off the leash and being afraid I couldn't catch her.  The improvement in Sallie's behavior has been incredible.  She responded very well to Judy's lessons.  She now 'hangs out' outside without a leash and checks in with me when we are on a trail and she comes when she is called (most of the time).

Katy and Sallie                                                              Lincoln, MA            November 2012

Judy "trains the trainer"-me!  I felt comfortable teaching my dog and continuing the work I learned in class.  Also - my dog loved Judy!!

Melinda L.  and Lewis                      Bedford, MA

PS - By the way, I was walking with him the other morning when 3 deer ran past and he took off after them-- I called to him-- and he stopped in his tracks-- and looked at me, with this, "aww mom, really?" look. But he came back!

I started with Judy thinking I'd have a refresher on my training knowledge from having trained my older Chesapeake 12 years ago.  What she offered was an entirely different program that focuses on positive reinforcement, never scolding.  My puppy thrived, clearly wanting to please and earn her treats - and in the process, she became a well behaved dog!

Penny A. and Mosie                  Concord, MA

We got Penny, a 3-4 year old dog who has often been mistaken for a puppy, in early June. She is a very sweet, loving and great dog, but whenever she saw a squirrel she would go berserk!  She would bark incessantly and race between windows of the house barking and knocking over anything in her path!  I had grown up with a dog, my husband had never had a dog, so we were at a loss as to where to start to establish boundaries in the house.  The other, perhaps most challenging thing, was leash walking. 

We started training and we had some ups and downs, especially at first. Penny liked doing commands and she liked getting treats when she did something right.  I quickly learned the value of a good, well timed treat.  Penny began to settle down in the house.  She began coming when she was called with increased frequency. We began to learn to play and live together. 

She has made fabulous progress once we found a way to communicate our wishes.  She is much calmer, more comfortable with us and the rules of the house.  We have both enjoyed the chance to learn and grow, and look forward to continuing the journey.

Ellen D.  and Penny         Concord MA

I thought training would be really boring and a lot of work but it really ended up being fun and very rewarding. It was great to watch Riley progress and so satisfying to see the work with him pay off.  He really enjoyed it ( and loves Judy) and so did we.  We now have so much more control over him.

Karen C. and Riley        Concord MA

Winnie is still learning and so are we, but she is calmer, showing maturity and learning well.  I'm looking forward to next year at the shop and bringing her to work each day!  She's more obedient at home and getting less and less hyper all the time!

Meghan and Winnie

My eager, highly energized pup, Oscar, is much better behaved thanks to Proper Paws.  Judy relates well both to dogs and clients.  We all received excellent training!

Before working with Judy, Geddy was a crazy pup! She was very hesitant around new people and wouldn't 'sit' for the life of her. After even the 1st training session, Geddy was sitting! Now when she sees another dog coming she automatically sits. She is so well behaved and she is getting so much better with strangers! I can't thank Judy enough for her help in training Geddy...and me! It was so fun and wonderful and I have a happy, obedient and well behaved (mostly) puppy. Thank you a million times over.

Kate and Geddy, Acton, MA

We had committed to having Zada trained and obedient when she arrived at our home as a puppy. She has been an amazing Golden Retriever and a great candidate as a Therapy Dog. We decided to pursue both AKC CGC and Therapy Dog International certification. Working with Judy was such a wonderful experience for both Zada and I. She is such a terrific and experienced trainer and very thorough. With her training we have successfully passed both tests! We would highly recommend Judy for any of your training needs. She is terrific!

Bob and Zada, Boxborough, MA

Thank you Judy! As a first time dog owner, I was happy to have you as a teacher and advisor.

Julie and Simcha, Newton, MA
Bailey, our 4 month old mixed breed, is certainly not there yet after puppy class, but he is well on his way. Some things he does beautifully - like 'sit' and 'down'. Some not so well - like restraining his enthusiasm when meeting new people and dogs. The great thing is, we know what to do to help him - thanks to Judy.
Tina, Bruce and Bailey, Bedford, MA

Judy was great helping me to learn how to train my puppy. If one thing didn't work, she always had another idea. She's a good listener and offered practical advice. We are a happier family because of the puppy training!

Louisa and Moco, Concord, MA
" I got Willow at 7 weeks. Soon after that I was fortunate enough to have Judy enter our lives. What a Godsend she has been with her wonderful knowledge in the mind of a puppy. With her patience and direction Willow and I are heading towards a beautiful companionship together."
W. Snider and Willow, Concord, MA

Update 6/6/2011: Willow is now a year old, she and Wendi recently successfully passed the Canine Good Citizen Test - Congratulations to both of you! You can visit Willow some days at The Nesting on Main, a wonderful antique store on Main St in downtown Concord!

Judy presents very specific, practical techniques with clear rationale to improve the dog's behavior. The individualized approach was helpful to me - as she could see my dogs and my specific needs and advise us from that viewpoint. It's working!
Nancy and Tessie, Carlisle, MA
Dixie was a young female that arrived to Buddy Dog in Sudbury with seven puppies in tow. She had been through a lot but sported a calm, sweet but inquisitive personality and I knew immediately that I wanted to take her home to live with me. I could tell Dixie was ready and willing but I needed help to rid her of bad habits. Judy came to the rescue and helped me get the best of Dixie, and there was so much there to be had! After 3 months she's proven herself to be the best dog ever. We have both gained confidence and joy in each other through her training with Judy. Thank You.
Jennifer and Dixie, Concord, MA
I initially contacted Judy with the intention of training my adolescent dog so that I could have all my ducks in a row when human baby #2 arrived. After a couple of months I feel much more in control but most importantly connected to my dog. The relationship that builds reaps not only the benefits of sitting on command but a true bond to last a lifetime! Thanks Judy!
Allison and Willa, Concord, MA
We were so excited to rescue a beautiful, 6 month old Carolina mix (stray/shelter dog) from Arkansas who was 2 days away from being euthanized. When we met Casey at her foster home in Maine, she was affectionate, calm and interactive - we were able to walk her around on a leash on the quiet rural streets. However, when we brought her home and tried walking her around the more busy streets (suburban area), she was so frightened that she would hide in the bushes/brush along the sidewalks and we'd have to carry her home. It was extremely difficult to get her outside (unless we drove her to a park - at which point, she would "hug" the side of any nearby building in search of shelter/food). She also didn't want to be left alone - lots of howling, barking and destruction. We couldn't crate her, even with marrow bones, because she would escape! We immediately found Judy's website and called her because we liked her philosophy of starting training at home, where the problems were occurring. She also talked about training the owner to do the work so there would be carry-over when she was not around. Judy spent about an hour on the phone with me - no charge - when I first contacted her! She explained the importance of basic obedience training and how that would help Casey develop confidence and trust in our relationship (and vice versa).
Judy was ALWAYS very responsive via email when we had urgent questions/issues in between training sessions. We could not ask for a more attentive, understanding, passionate trainer to work with. Casey made great strides each week - she was soon walking around the neighborhood (Judy helped us stop leash pulling behaviors very
quickly) with more confidence, interacting nicely with other dogs (at first there was a lot of barking and lunging) AND we even accomplished basic off leash training! Anytime we had an issue - Judy always seemed to have a solution and if the first one didn't work (which it usually did), we tried other strategies until we found something that did work. Even though Judy has a standard obedience training schedule, she was always ready and willing to adapt/be flexible with the sessions in order to address our most pressing issues/concerns.
Judy has a unique ability to tailor the training to you and your dog's individual needs/profiles. We have now completed the 5 Standard Puppy Package and will definitely continue working with Judy as Casey goes through adolescence. We are so grateful for Judy's help in training us to better understand and train our dog. 3 months ago, we would never have predicted that we would have such an obedient, well-adjusted dog and one that comes to us when we call to her off leash! THANK YOU JUDY!!

Julie and Casey, Bedford MA

We went from having a completely untrained puppy to having a housebroken, polite, trainable and obedient puppy in just the five sessions. Judy's instruction was clear and focused and she always gave a reason why behind the method, which was helpful. Between watching her actually train Willow and giving me the tools to do it, I now have the confidence and knowledge to continue Willow's training. The written material provided is invaluable. I have referenced it many times and Judy's willingness to talk about problems via e-mail/phone was so appreciated. Thank You!

Sue and Willow, Sudbury, MA

I am training my first dog and Judy has been a lifesaver! She helped the whole family know what to expect and how to respond to bad behaviors. She responded with her own free time to rush over when the dog was scaring my young children. She helped teach the kids how to interact with, enjoy, and teach tricks to the dog. I am also attending puppy classes but would have found them even more difficult to bear if I had not already worked on training at home without the distractions of the other dogs and people in the room. I am a firm believer of teach at home first if you can and then practice in group settings.
Tricia H. and Tucker, Concord MA

I started with the training classes with absolutely NO prior experience with dogs. By the end of the classes I felt much better about training methods, and understood more about dog behaviors. It helped me and the whole family benefited from the experience. Thanks Judy

Christine V. and Tanner, Belmont MA
Judy is such a fantastic trainer! She helped us navigate the difficult and exhausting first few weeks with our puppy, and helped us train him to be a pet who understands what we want of him.Judy is fun and positive, and her love for dogs (and people!) shines through in everything she does. She bases all her techniques and recommendations on scientific evidence of what works and how dogs learn, and has a can-do attitude about solving just about any problem. She is fantastic, and our dog adores her as much as we do!
Rajani L. and Boomer, Concord MA

When we adapted Titan our 2 year old Chocolate lab at the beginning of June he was nervous and did not have a lot of skills with other dogs. With the training course that we completed with Proper Paws, we now have a happy dog that loves to run and has a lot of self confidence.
With clear instruction and a weekly written page or 2 overview tailored to lots of simple tricks/techniques to do training we now have a well trained dog that has responded well to our family.
We had tried a small class with another dog trainer that did not work, too much distraction and boredom for Titan. We then decided to try out the private lesson. I feel you get a better bang for your money with the personalized training and the lessons are well thought out and easy to understand. With this said if you as the owner do not do the work with your dog, you will not see the benefits of a well behaved happy loving dog."

David A. and Titan, Sudbury MA
I have had German Shepherds before and tried to train them in a class. Not very successful. Judy came to our house so the dog was trained on familiar ground, the one one one training made it imperative that the dog respond. It also made me feel that I could work with the dog and have a better response
from her.

Maria M. and Rowly, Stow MA
" When I called Judy to inquire about training, my Puggle Layla was 5 months old and an absolute terror. We had gotten into the habit of chasing Layla when she wouldn't come or when she was chewing on something she shouldn't. After our first session, we were able to stop playing the 'chasing' game. The first time you train a dog it is the owner that needs to be trained.

Judy gives you all the tools you need to teach your dog to be a member of your family. It is a pleasure to have a well trained dog. Thanks Judy!"

Liza M. and Layla, Lincoln, MA
You convinced me that my dog isn't as dumb as I thought he was, in fact he's very smart! I just needed to know how to motivate him. Now he knows what's expected of him and he's so much happier. He's also fun at parties because he loves to show off playing dead and dancing!

Eliza S. and Oliver, Lincoln MA