Featured Performances

This page will show video and pictures of exemplary performances by client dogs.

This is the kind of performance you get at the end of my Puppy K program when you do all your homework!  This is Meghan and her dog Laika doing a great sit/stay!  Congratulations to Meghan and her dad Nick, I know they will go far with Laika.  BTW Laika is a Goldendoodle and is just 18 weeks old in this video!

This is a great example of 'Wait'.  Notice the cars going by out the front door.  Kudos to Rebecca and Dixie.

Recent pictures of one of my Graduate Puppies on vacation, practicing recalls on a long line!  Gatsby is a Barbet (French Water Dog).

Gatsby waiting for the cue.......

...and coming with gusto!

These pictures are from the 9am Adventure Class - the dogs were in this position for 3-5 minutes while we snapped many pictures. The dog's handlers are pictured below, good work you guys!
Capable Handlers

Star students at the ready!

OK, it's ony a still, but Alpine is a 5 month old Labrador Retriever, here he was waiting patiently as his owner and I discuss different training techniques.  By the way, this was taken on a public sidewalk just outside Emerson field this morning while the day camps were being held at the field!  He held this position politely for a good 5 minutes.  His owners have worked really dillegently with him and what a well behaved boy he is!

This is Louisa with Moco showing us a really nice loose leash walk in a wide open public area with other dogs nearby!

This is Mosie, a 6 month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever who has begun to master the 'Go To Mat' exercise.  Way to go Penny and Mosie!

This is Wendi and Willow on one of our Adventure Class outings, talk about a solid sit/stay!