Saturday, December 3, 2016

Winter Update

I will be offering several Training Classes during the week of 12/26 - 12/30.  There will be no regular classes during this week or private appointments.

Dog Tricks for Kids Monday 12/26 from 10-11:30am and Wednesday 12/28 from 10-11:30am - this 90 minute class is for you and your kids!  Designed for kids between 8 and 15, it will cover basic tricks like crawl, shake and roll over.  If you have a trick in mind bring it with you and we will give it a try.  90 minute class $35

Leash Pullers Anonymous Tuesday 12/27 from 10-11:30am Is your dog still an avowed puller when you walk down the street?  Come in for a refresher course in how to correct this behavior!  Fun, friendly and easy techniques.  90 minute class $35

Trickmeister - for Adults  Monday 12/26 from 12:30-2:00pm  - this 90 minute class is for you!  It will cover basic and advanced tricks based on your dog’s skill level.  If you have a trick in mind bring it with you and we will give it a try.  90 minute class $35

Puppy Socialization Class  - Please note that we WILL be holding Puppy Socialization on Thursday 12/29 at 12:30pm for puppies between 8-18 weeks.  This is a free weekly socialization class, but pre-registration is required.

In addition, if you are looking for something to do with your dog this Winter, we now have openings in the following classes.

Wag it Games Wednesday’s at 9:30am (ongoing) A fun way to connect with your dog and continue building your skills.  Wag it Games consists of 4 elements that include working with equipments like bridges, ramps and platforms, walking on a loose leash though obstacles, teaching your dogs the fun game of sniff it and working novel skills like push it and scooter skills.  Building novel skills while working along side other dogs in a free form setting increases your dog’s ability to focus on you and work with you as a partner. 6 weeks for $160

Sniff it Class Tuesday’s at 9:30am starting 1/3 - 2/28.  This is a full 6 weeks of sniff it skills.  Teach your dog to find items you’ve lost, build the dogs ability to use their biggest sensory organ!  We will build sniff it skills to include food finds, scent finds and more!  6 weeks for $160

Canine Good Citizen Tuesday’s at 9:30am - 6 weeks only starting 3/7 - 4/11.  This 6 week class prepares you to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test which tests 10 aspects of a well behaved dog.  The test will be administered on the last day of class to those participants who wish to take it.  Those who pass all 10 sections will be awarded the CGC designation by the AKC.  6 weeks for $160.

Advanced Obedience  Thursday at 11am - A survey course designed for dog/people teams who have been through the basic courses and want to continue in an obedience program to keep their skills sharp. Classes will change each week and may include Rally skills, Wag it Games, Master Puppy and more advanced skills like long distance commands, shaping and competition obedience exercises.

Want something new?  I’d love to offer an AKC Rally Obedience class, if I have enough interest I will offer that class in the Friday at 9:30am time slot.  If you want to learn more about Rally Obedience, take a look at this.  AND THIS

Stayed tuned for the Adventure and Master Puppy classes coming next spring!