Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This dog needs a home!

It is true that sometimes dogs are surrendered or re-homed for very good reasons. This came to my attention today and I wanted to share it in case someone is thinking about getting a dog.  I wish I could find a way to post the pictures that accompanied this flyer, the dog is very appealing looking.

Emerson, a much‐beloved eight‐year‐old
West Virginia Brown Dog (Greyhound mix mutt,
roughly 50‐60 lbs) seeks a temporary or
permanent home where he can receive and give
affection. His owner, 31, is recovering from a
major medical issue and cannot give him the care
he needs.
At home, Emerson is quiet and affectionate. He
loves to be petted and to cuddle. He has
successfully lived with a variety of two‐legged and
four‐legged roommates of all sizes and sorts.
Emerson is an excellent guard dog, providing a
hearty greeting to visitors and, sometimes, to
passersby. He does extremely well being left
home for long periods of time (his owner is a busy
young professional), but will eagerly await his
owner’s return home. He does not jump, and has
been trained to sit, lie down, and speak.

Emerson loves long walks and hikes. He is looseleash
trained and walks well when he receives
occasional reinforcement (he likes to bark and
lunge at bikes and other things with wheels, loud
trucks, and motorcycles). He sometimes needs
reassurance when he first meets other big dogs
(he was attacked when he was younger), but is
extremely friendly and usually submissive once

He is healthy, except a current rash on his belly for
which he is receiving an antibiotic. He has cataracts
and sometimes bumps into things.
Emerson would love a home where he receives love,
attention, and walks. For more information, contact
davidbresnahan@gmail.com. THANK YOU!

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